I am an Engineer in the Seattle area with an interest in Olympic lifting and strength training. A couple of years ago when I was introduced to strength training, I had to make some changes to my diet to ensure that the benefit of my 3 training days a week was maximized. Instead of taking steroids I started drinking 1 gallon of milk a day, I didn’t change anything else I just started drinking 1 gallon of milk a day. Some people thought I was crazy, but what they didn’t know was that before the popularity of steroids, food supplements and protein drinks, it was very common for ‘lifters’ to drink milk and lift heavy weights. This is what I did, and I drank raw milk. The reason I drank raw milk, was that I didn’t want to put something that wasn’t pure in to my body, I was drinking so much milk that I figured that just a trace of hormones or other unnatural impurities would add up. Also, I became a connoisseur of milk I tried several different varieties and the raw milk just tasted the best. After staggering myself up to 1 gallon a day, I found it was the most agreeable variety to my body too. And during the 3 month period that I was drinking the raw milk I stayed healthy and I didn’t get sick once, yes I didn’t get sick or injured once and I was able to keep muscle fatigue subdued. The results of the strength training program were astonishing. My lifts increased by 40%, my dead lift increased to 210kg, my squat increased to 190kg and my snatch and clean and jerk increased dramatically too. Also, I was able to pedal 1 mile on a lemond racing cycle set to the highest setting in less than 4 minutes, there’s a video of me doing it on the internet, I broke several other gym records too. My body weight went up from 185Ibs to 225Ibs and after I started introducing more conditioning in to my program back down to 215Ibs, at 215Ibs there was virtually no fat on me. I’m not a hippy or a weirdo and I’m certainly not a religious person, I’m just somebody that wanted to get strong fast the old school way. Coincidentally I split snatch which is old school and almost unheard of these days too. Anyway, I’m not arguing that the raw whole milk was the only reason I realized the results I did. However, I would argue it was an important contributor and it certainly did not have a negative effect on my health…. Oh and one other thing several other people in my gym did exactly the same thing with similar results….

James Engineer in Seattle

I am one of your recent converts. I love whole raw milk and am so happy to have recently found it again, through one of my customers here in Seattle. I don’t think you have too much to worry about in the regard of the Seattle Times article, and as far as I am concerned….. Here’s my story in a nutshell. I am 57 years old and drank whole raw milk as a child too young to remember. As a family of seven we were seldom sick and NEVER as a result of drinking unpasteurized milk! I was involved about 10-12 years ago with large dairies in S. Idaho and Kings County (Hanford/Tulare area) in CA with the biological remediation of manure lagoons. I was invited to drink raw milk by one of the dairymen there, which I did every day I was there, AND worked with pumps and equipment, sometimes in a rowboat, in the lagoons. By one of these sources, almost CERTAINLY the latter, I came in contact with campylobacter and spent several weeks losing weight in a most uncomfortable way and sincerely hope to not EVER go through something like that again! So if I thought for a SECOND that there was a chance that I could contract e-coli or campylobacter or ANY other organism that could put me through that again I would CERTAINLY not be drinking your “girl’s” milk. I have NO fear of that happening. I wish you the best and ONE of these days just may get up to visit your dairy and see a few of my friends who live near you while I’m there. Thank you for providing one of the FINEST “natural” products ever created and please give my grateful regards to the Browns and to all involved in your organization.
Ben Recent Convert

Sad, but typical that the Times is going for the scare factor to sell papers. The comments section was no longer open or I would have left a post saying: You can have my raw milk when you pry it from my cold, dead hands! That should be awhile though, since I started drinking raw milk 5+ years ago I’ve had two three day colds with very minor symptoms. I’ve never felt better in my life.

Boo Cold Dead Hands

I am so dissappointed that I can no longer buy your milk from the market just down the street from my house. I have been happily drinking milk from your dairy for over a year now and feel desperate to get some raw milk again. The garbage that they try to pass off at the store as the closest thing to raw milk (pasturized, non-homogonized) is practically undrinkable. It is gray in color and the “cream” at the top will not incorporate in leaving you with lumpy, unappetizing “milk”. I can’t wait to start getting milk again from your local drop point! Thanks for providing such a superior product!

Toria Superior Product

I am disappointed for the fact that the Whole Foods store here in Vancouver (Wa.) has taken your milk off the shelf. They seemed to indicate that they were re-evaluating who to buy from. I’m not sure why. But I will have to say, since I’ve been off the raw milk (just over a week), I have developed a sinus infection. I told the PA today about the fact that I stopped drinking raw milk because I couldn’t get it and within a couple days, I started feeling bad. He agreed that the milk may very well have maintained my immune system. Hoping it returns soon to my area.

Andrew Immune System Support

I’m sorry the article in the Seattle Times wasn’t more favorable. It’s too bad the whole truth wasn’t told in the article. I’ve been out to your farm several times and have seen first-hand how well-maintained your cows and equipment are, and would rather drink your dairy’s raw milk than any pasteurized varieties. I have a particularly sluggish intestinal system with numerous intestinal surgical resections. Drinking raw milk maintains a healthier system for me. I grew up on raw milk, fed it to my seven children, and will continue to encourage its consumption to my twenty-seven grandchildren. There is nothing wrong with raw milk from dairies that maintain clean environments for their dairy cows, and I know yours is safe from my own visits there.

Sherry Your Milk is Safe

I personally visited Dungeness for the first time three years ago, since then this is the only milk we consume at home. Every year for the Lavander Festival we visit Dungeness to say hello to the cows (similes). Dungeness is impecable everything is so clean. I will continue buying Dungeness and I am very grateful that Charlotte is bringing the milk to us.


I have been to other dairies. Yours is by far the cleanest one I have ever seen. Thank you for the field trip last fall. I like knowing where my food comes from. Certainly there are many political entities that would prefer that you not be in business. I prefer you stay in business.

Denise Cleanest Dairy

I’m so sorry to hear about the misleading press release. I am moving back to Port Orchard from Atlanta in March and your creamery is at the top of my list of places to visit. I miss your milk so much. They don’t allow raw milk in Georgia (though supposedly there is something going on in the state government that might allow it in the future). I did find some raw milk on a trip to Kentucky but it just wasn’t the same as yours for some reason. It didn’t make iced mochas the same. When I lived there, my Mother and I would make special trips just to go visit your Creamery. The first time we found it was by accident and we bought a quart or something to drink in the car. It was so good that we turned the car around (and my mother turns around for nothing) and went back and bought several gallons and then found a cooler we could buy so the milk would make the trip home. I’m looking forward to my next visit and I hope everything is going well.

Gabrielle, Port Orchard Missing My Raw Iced Mochas

Thank you for providing raw milk to us in Western Washington and for the excellent way you do it. Anyone familiar with the unfair bias of the government against raw milk knows that their latest “press release” was typical and so far from reporting all the facts that it really amounts to lies. Thanks for your gracious reply to this and you do have our support, gratefulness, and prayers.

Sherman Family, Port Orchard It all amounts to lies

I love your milk and my 4 year old daughter loves it too. I bring it to all my friends and their kids to get them to try it and everyone else loves it!! I appreciate very much what you guys are doing by making this available and you have my support. Keep up the great work and my daughter and I and any friends I can drag along will be up to visit your store. Happy Holidays!!

Andria, Bellevue You Have My Support

Thank you for the statement up on your website. My husband and I are so thankful for the wonderful milk that you and your cows provide us. We look forward to our gallon each week and can’t think of drinking anything other than raw milk. Thank you, thank you! With Gratitude,

Jenness Wonderful Milk

Thanks to you all for the great milk. And thanks for not adding those hormones to your ‘girls’ and thanks for being so fastidious when you do have to give one of them an antibiotic and thanks for not throwing in the towel when the government agencies use misinformation to discredit & disrepute your fine establishment and thanks for not homogenizing or pasteurizing! I love you guys!!!

Pati, Tacoma Happy Elated Customer

I love the milk from your company; it is by far the best-tasting that I have ever had. Thank you for your fine product!

Wendy, Tacoma Fine Product

Thank you, folks, for providing a delicious, wholesome product. My heart aches for your current troubles. I admire your farm and your cows and your milk. Truly, it’s the best I’ve ever bought. Please accept my prayers for you and your hard working moo gals. They’re beautiful. This, too, shall pass.

Barbara, Sequim Hard Working Moo Gals

Just read the article in the paper and wanted to send you our support and loyalty. Why buy milk if it isn’t “alive”. We buy your milk at Sunny Farms all the time and certainly hope that it will continue to be available. My children are some of the healthiest in their class and I thank you many times over for making your Jersey milk available to the locals here in Clallam County. All my best to you during this difficult time!

Candace, Port Angeles Why Buy Milk if it Isn't ALIVE?

I feel very fortunate that we are able to get such tasty healthy milk to feed our families. We are grateful for all the hard work and dedication your family puts into providing us with a superior product. Our daughter, whom we adopted form Russia, has some learning disabilities. When we started her on raw milk, there was a noticeable difference in her ability to concentrate. Keep up the good work!

Karin, Bainbridge Island Tasty Healthy Milk

My husband read the PDN today and then proceeded to open and drink our new half gallon of Dungeness Valley Creamery raw milk. We found no proof in the article that your milk was contaminated. I hope you can weather this negative publicity, but it will be difficult, I am sure. We believe in your product and we wish you the best.

Steve & Mary, Sequim We Believe in your Product

My wife and I have been drinking 2 gallons of your wonderful milk a week for over 3 years and will continue to do so. The government bad mouths raw milk for what ever reason but yet they will not mention that the other milk you buy is not even milk at all, just white water which is WAY more harmful to the body then raw milk. I grew up on a dairy and am pleased that you are still in busness and hope you will be for many years to come. I cannot imagine a life without raw milk, nor can my wife. She drinks it for her bones. We also churn up some cream for butter now and then too. Keep up the good work and know you have our support no matter what. The government lies will not work.

Joe & Judy, Lake Leland Their Milk Is Not MILK!

I was sorry to hear about the press release that implicated you in the ecoli cases. We have been drinking you great product for about 6 months now and really love it. I was raised on raw milk growing up and never had any problems as a matter of fact I was one of the healthiest and strongest people in my high school. We will continue to drink milk (about 6 gal a week) from the Dungeness Creamery as long as it is sold. Thank you for your hard work and great product. God bless we will pray your business thrives.

Harley Raised on Raw Milk

I just read the PDN article, by Diane Urbani de la Paz, about the recent E. Coli concerns that the state has attempted to link to your farm and wanted to express our unwavering support. …….. your milk is not only delicious, it also as safe–or safer!–than any other milk they might buy.

Justine, Port Angeles Yours IS SAFER!

I just read the article about the irresponsible statements made by the Dept of Agriculture. First of all, I have seen ‘this movie’ before, 29 years ago when I lived in Southern California and had discovered the outstanding food value/nutrition of consuming raw dairy products. Same tactics. At that time, the valuable products were pulled from my health food store shelves. Please know there are many of us who are dedicated to supporting your dairy. I was so grateful to find your milk as it is the only one I can drink with no adverse effects to my body. The grass fed element is important to me. I buy your milk & the Mt Townsend cheeses because they contain your milk. I pray that your fans will not be swayed by this trickery. I completely trust your integrity. In talking to my local store owners, they love doing business with you. I will make a point to tell them that I shall continue to purchase your milk & the cheese on a regular basis. Thank You for the valuable food! I am so grateful! Bright Blessings

Diana, Port Angeles Dedicated to Supporting your Dairy

I saw the E. coli article in the paper today and I have to admit that I was afraid at first, but soon realized what these E. coli incidents were really about. I read the article twice, looking for a way to link the illnesses with the milk, and I just couldn’t find one. It was clear to me, after reading the article and reading your response on your website, that there is no proof that your milk caused these illnesses. What WSDA has done to your farm, family and reputation is despicable. I have complete faith that your facilities and milk are clean and safe and I wanted to tell you that I will continue to be a supporter of Dungeness Valley Creamery and raw milk. Thank you for supplying Port Angeles with raw milk!